Ağılli Yuva 2-si birində AĞ Rəng Gosund SP211

Ağılli Yuva 2-si birində AĞ Rəng Gosund SP211

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Dual smart plug WiFi 

The Gosund SP211 socket outlet gives you the opportunity to connect two different devices to the power supply and thus create a smart home. It has a Wi-Fi function, which makes it compatible with Alexis, Google Assistant and IFTTT. 


Remote control

The Gosund SP211 intelligent socket allows you to remotely control your devices that are connected to it. You can remotely switch them on and off, as well as plan when to switch them on or off. Thanks to that you don't have to worry that you forgot to turn off the light when leaving the house or turn off the iron. Any device connected to the Gosund socket can be controlled remotely with your smartphone or tablet or with the help of Alex and Google Assistant voice aids.


Planning capabilities

Setting the timer to specific times allows you to plan at what times the device should be turned on. This allows you to wake up with the light already on, but you also don't have to remember to turn off the devices manually. This not only gives you convenience, but also allows you to reduce power consumption.


Make your smart home

With Gosund SP211 you can create your own smart home and enjoy the ability to remotely control your devices, set the timer and use Alex and Google Assistant voice aids.




Model SP211
Voltage 100 - 240 V
Maximum intensity   16 A
Maximum power 3680 W
Working temperature -20 ~ 45°C
WiFi frequency 802.11 b/g/n 2,4 GHz
Intelligent control  Amazon, Google, uses IFTTT
Dimenisons 10,5x10,5x9(cm)